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ExamGood VCA-Network Virtualization VCAN610 exam online test

ExamGood VCA-Network Virtualization VCAN610 exam only provide 10 questions for free. Answer one question correctly,  you can get 10 points. The content of these questions are the latest exam content. Test your skill level as following freely.

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1. An administrator needs to verify which port the switch manager is using. Which command should be used?


2. Where is the net-vdr command used?


3. Which feature is not supported by the vSphere 5.5 Distributed Switch?


4. An administrator has deployed and powered on a new virtual machine configured to get its networking information via DHCP. The virtual machine is connected to an NSX network and connectivity has been verified. After reconfiguring the virtual machine with a static IP address, network connectivity is lost. Which statement explains what happened?


5. An administrator can only log into the NSX manager using local credentials and not Active Directory credentials. Which option would cause this issue?


6. An administrator configures the IPSec VPN service on an NSX Edge instance, but the negotiation fails. Examining the log file, the administrator notices the following message:
INVALID_ID_INFORMATION. Which misconfiguration caused the error?


7. Which configuration change on the physical infrastructure is required when deploying NSX?


8. Which condition could prevent an ESXi host from receiving VXLAN Tunnel End Point (VTEP) tables?


9. Which port must be available for communication between the NSX Manager and vCenter Server, ESXi hosts, and NSX appliances?


10. An administrator has received reports of intermittent connectivity between virtual machines on an NSX network. The network team has verified that all physical network devices have been set to 1600 MTU. What other configuration could cause this issue?


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