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20 Jul

VCA6-HC 1V0-602 VMware Certified Associate 6– Hybrid Cloud Fundamentals online test

Currently, our  VMware VCA6-HC 1V0-602 online test only provide 5 questions. Answer one question correctly, you can get 20 points. The content of these questions are the latest exam content. Test your skill level freely.

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Start to test:

1. Which three networking services work together to provide network virtualization and functionality in vCloud Air? (Choose three.)


2. What are three data protection features available in vCloud Air? (Choose three.)


3. Which two options correctly show how many public IP addresses are supported in each core cloud service offered by VMware? (Choose two.)


4. A company’s datacenter has been completely destroyed by a resent tornado and is looking to better protect business critical information and minimize downtime during unforeseen situations in the future. After engaging a consultant, a company is considering migrating to the VMware Hybrid Cloud solution. What should the consultant recommend as the best starting point for migrating to vCloud Air?


5. In which two ways does vCloud Air streamline the manageability of resources in a cloud environment? (Choose two.)


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18 Jul

1V0-602 VCA6-HC VMware Certified Associate 6 – Hybrid Cloud Fundamentals exam information

Newest 1V0-602 VCA6-HC VMware Certified Associate 6 – Hybrid Cloud Fundamentals certification exam material is released on now. It is a good news to all VMware candidates that they are planning to take this exam test sooner. Now no worry, much time to prepare for your VMware Certified Associate 6–Hybrid Cloud Fundamentals Exam.

Check the correct 1V0-602 VCA6-HC exam details as the following:

Exam Number: 1V0-602
Duration: 75 Minutes
Associated Certification: VCA6-HC
Number of Questions: 50
Exam Product: Passing Score: 300
Recommended Training: vCloud Air Fundamentals
Validated Against: vCloud Air
Exam Price: $120 USD, More on Pricing
Exam Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese
First Available Appointment: 14 April 2015
Format: Single and Multiple Choice, Non-Proctored
Exam Details Information Last Updated: 14 April 2015

Validate your ability to identify technical requirements for a Hybrid Cloud solution and align them with vCloud Air based services and technologies.

Exam Topics
+ Section 1: Identify and Differentiate VMware vCloud Air Components
+ Section 2: Identify and Differentiate VMware Air Networking Technologies
+ Section 3: Identify and Differentiate VMware vCloud Air Management Technologies

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